Sorry for the lateness. I been going through some things. Anyway today
I will speak on numbers.

Everybody wants to be #1. #10 does not want to be #9, they want to be
#1. Out of all the numbers in the world, number 1 is the only
acceptable one. Seriously, does that mean that everyone else but #1 is
a failure? Don't attach a label to your success, just be. #2 is only a
looser if you are racing, and life is not a race. It's a game that you
play aganist yourself. Live and learn, the more you quantatize (that's
a big word lou) your life the more unhappy you will make yourself.
Scottie was not better then Mike, but if you have a problem with being
pippen then you might want to rethink some things about your life.


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