Louis – Louchi – Louchiano – LOUXIII – LouBron James – Lou Kang – Muhammad Alouchi – Michelangelou – Lou Hefner – Lewish – Loucifer – Cthulou – Lou blood…..the nick names go on as far as you or I can imagine.    

Louis Childs descended upon this world in the fall of 1986. Born on October 4, Louis is the middle child of three and a product of today’s modern family with one father and two mothers. As a young boy, Louis, nicknamed “Louchi” by his family, enjoyed the usual pastimes – drawing, dancing, reading, singing around the house and playing video games. But there was something inside him that always set him apart. Just in front and sometimes away from the crowd. Creativity. Perspective. Insight. Music. Not just the simple, universal love for music we all share but a natural inclination and God-given ability to hear beyond the beat’s surface; transforming the old, creating new, and using it to confront the challenges of life. Which is where he draws his inspiration…

Ground Zero. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Louchiano was forced to grapple with the all too typical struggles of the urban environment – the separation of his parents, being overweight, street life, gangs and limited resources. But as they say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and from where Louis stands today, the phrase rings true.

Physical Condition. A self-proclaimed “fat kid”, the transitions of his parents’ relationship impacted Louchiano’s spirit. Seeking comfort in solitude, he withdrew and gained weight in elementary and middle school. While being overweight didn’t bring out the worst in Louchiano, it did in others and he dealt with more than his fair share of unsolicited criticism. It was in high school where Louchiano found new footing, dedicating himself to a healthier lifestyle playing every sport possible. He lost weight, built a strong circle and, most important, really began exploring his musical talents.

From the Streets. It is virtually impossible to grow up in the inner city and not have the illusions of its street corners pressed upon you. For Louchiano, it was no different. Like many, he has experienced life as a have and have-not. He found his way to places and situations that he is certainly not proud of but are an integral part of his-tory nonetheless. One pivotal event – the threat of losing his freedom – shook him loose. When faced with the idea of life behind bars and concrete walls, Louchiano sought out a new path for success; straighter, but by no means more narrow.

Family Dynamics. From his father, Louchiano was taught to work hard and keep a cool head. From his mother, he learned the great gift of unconditional love. She is his heart. The separation of his biological parents introduced Louis to a veritable fairy tale “second” mother. It was his stepmother who instilled in him a love of books, reading and writing, and problem solving.  She taught Louchiano the importance of an education, the impact his intelligence could have on the world, and that life is game of chess – think and play it wisely.

The Result. Well-rounded, genius, street n*@#$. In 2008, Louchiano graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising. He spends his days as a owner of his own recording studio and marketing company helping the community he knows and loves see the possibilities of a better future. He spends his nights making the music that will keep them motivated and driven to making that future a reality.

Artist. Designer. Producer. Mixologist. Louchiano released his first independent album Audio crack in 2006, Smooth criminal mixtape in 2008, his second album “LouBlood”, in 2011. His 3rd album, LOUXIII The 13th Flow 2013.  Currently he is working on 3 projects he has been refining as a gift for those whom missed out on loss music.

“I decided to pursue music professionally because when God gives you a passion and a talent you make it happen no matter the cost.  I care about the words I use in my music because I want the listener to be able to relate and be moved. My goal is to make music of substance, emotion, wit and whatever else necessary to make it the best song possible. If I don’t think it’s my best work, I don’t put it out there. But it is also an art form more then just a simple craft. I grow and adapt regardless of the times in hope that in my lifetime I make timeless music. Thank you for listening.”   

– Louis, Louchi, Louchiano