5 Reasons Why Trying to be Successful Will Keep You Poor

Trying to minimize or avoid failure will not help you be successful.
But here’s the thing. Trying to be successful will not help you actually become successful, either.

The problem with success

You’re probably here because you want to be a successful person. You want the material and emotional benefits that come with that.
That’s awesome and I want it to happen for you. But while there’s nothing wrong with success, there are five important reasons why success for its own sake is the wrong focus:

1. Success is a moving target

Be honest, what’s success for you?

  • Is it about launching a product and having people buy it?
  • Is it about having respect from your peers and mentors?
  • Is it about doing what you love so you can care for your family?

Too many people don’t create their own definition of success. They chase an idea they’ve patched together from what they’ve read, observed, or think they should be aiming for.
Do you know the feeling of not being wholly convinced that you’re pursuing the right success for you, but you’ve carried on regardless? That’s not how real success is achieved. Because even if you’re outwardly successful, you’ll feel disconnected from it. Achieving the wrong kind of success will always feel hollow.

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Real Talk

“Never say that god never gave you the opportunity to give you whatever you desired”

If you think about it no matter what it is you want right now, there was and still is a chance for you to get it.  Even right at this exact moment.  You want a new car? look in the paper and make a decision. You want a hit single? get yo ass to work on that pro tools. You wanna a beach body? get yo big ass on that P90X.  Any way you put it, somewhere there is a no excuse response.

so what was it that you wanted again?

Quote of the Day


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Quote of the Day

Nobody ever gets the right impression

We spend all this time preparing, perfecting and getting ourselves together in our eyes so that people recognize and respect what we are projecting and dont get the wrong impression about us.  The thing is, nobody thinks like you. Let me rephrase that, NO BODY THINKS LIKE YOU!  It doesn’t matter what you put on, what you say, how you talk or what you want others to see, they will always see what they want to see.  Might as well stop trying to be flawless and just be you, they not gone get it right anyway.

Louchilly.  LouBlood is 50% done getting mixed

Quote of the Day

Life is easy, Living is hard

There is a saying that goes “life is only what you make it”, well it goes both ways.  Life would be alot more simpler if you simplify it.  Granted that nothing is technically “easy”, some people find it hard just to get out of bed in the morning to go to work, while others have no problem.  Kobe can score 20 points with ease while I probably couldn’t score 20 on the bulls in the NBA.  What im saying is, its all the extra stuff in life that makes living hard, you got debt, BMW car note, and other things we find a way to blow money on.  How about you try to be humble and simplfy your needs/wants to make you life just a little bit easier.

Quote of the Day

“The grass on the other side may be greener but when was the last time you watered your lawn”