Have a plan

"If you don't have a plan, you don't have a chance"

The one thing that people are missing in their lives is a plan. People
get motivated to excersie, so they start doing it. After about the
third time, they quit. It's not like they wanted to quit, but they put
it off one day and it turned into a week. Next thing you know, no more
exercise. If this sounds like you, then what u need to do is write it
down and tell somebody. If you shoot without aiming at something
specific then you are not about to hit anything. (maybe some innocent

Start by setting a reasonable goal. Write it down and come up with the
steps necessary to complete this goal. When it's on paper you can
actually track your progress and see that you are actually making it
happen. It's not just a random commitment in your head anymore, it's a
tangable goal that makes you have to face it everyday. If you quit
after that then you must like being a quitter. You deserve better for
yourself. Take the time and plan it out and then follow through.


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