Motivational Quote of the Day Its long but its good.

“Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude, but nothing can help the person with the wrong one”

Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your future. Everybody has a hater in them somewhere, it can be good thing if it used in moderation and it keeps you motivated and focused. It’s a bad thing if you use it for evil and let it consume your thoughts and u start hating on everything that isn’t nailed down. You might even hate on yourself sometimes and therefore project this feeling of doubt on to others. Either way the more you look at the bright side things the brighter your life is going to be. Next time you think something bad about your self, others, or even a situation, check it at the door. It’s not healthy to hate or even doubt yourself. Believe in your abilities and let the other shit slide. Think about the good things until u feel happy, and being happy is the only thing that matters (at least in my life).

Here is a example

You probably think I can’t beat Lebron James in a 1 on 1, but I’m going think I can until he proves me wrong. Realistically he might win. But psychologically the thought of me dunking on his ass makes me feel wayyyy better then the thought of him destroying me. Yeah it’s a dumb idea but I really don’t need any negative thoughts in my head. The more u become used to thinking about bad outcomes the more u are actually going to fulfill them. Plus I really ain’t gone beat Lebron, if I already think I can’t.

(Jeezy says yeahhhhh, not noooooo. WWJD, what would jeezy do?) funny but true. Just don’t start selling coke, unless u doing it already.