Motivational Monday Quote of the Day 2/22/09

“You cant do what they do, until you do what they did” – Robert Johnson

Who do you admire? Who makes you say “I can do that” or “I want something like that”? I look at some of the greats like Jordan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Bruce Lee and sometimes say I want that type of money or iconic status. Really I want the satisfaction in knowing that I am doing what I love and it means something to me as well as to others. The part people forget is that you only see the glitz and glamor. You never really think about the years of hard ass work these people put in to make their dreams possible. The simple fact is that it’s not “romantic” enough. We get inspired by results, not by work ethic. We don’t see Jordan practicing his ass off, we only see that fade-away jumper, we don’t see the sleepless nights and the failures, we only see the Iphone.

What I am saying is, to be better or similar to these accomplished individuals, you gotta do what they did to get where they’re at. And that means getting up on a depressing ass Monday and going to work. It all starts with your commitment to grind, your decision to put in the hours necessary to make it happen. It’s gone be long and its going to make you tired, but its gong to make for a good success story. Think about the bragging you are going to do later when somebody else claims to be better at what you do. You are going to tell they ass that they are not on your level cause they haven’t put in the work yet. Believe Dat.

Do Datttttt

-Muhammad Alouchi (lol)