Life 101

The 40% rule.

Listen. Only 40% of the people that you encounter are going to like u. That means those 60% that u are to trying so hard to reach or impress ain’t even trying to give u a chance, skip them and concentrate on the 40% that’s got your back. Now out of that 40% half of them like u but they not finna go out of their way to actively engage and or support u. They are more like acquaintances whom u can count on when they got the time or when they feel like it. They could be in the top 20% but it takes time and I mean u can’t have 40 best friends it’s impossible.

What I’m saying is. Find out who your 20% is and make sure u treat them right, they got yo back no matter what.

60% = kiss my ass
40% = shake my hand
20% = gimme a hug

-Louchi Vuitton