Motivational Monday Quote of the Day 3/9/09

“those who try to be rich one day, will be hanged in a year”

Two days ago My dad convinced me to play the lottery for the first time in my life. As u know I have one the wildest imaginations on the planet so I have been secretly fantasizing about the things I could do if I win. Sure it’s cool but it’s one the the most depressing things I have experienced. Once I realized the slim chances of actually winning were so small it pissed me off. Ever since that day I have been seeing the lottery everywhere like it’s the new jordans. I seen homeless people buying lottery tickets with change, and people going hard spending $15 a day trying to hit this jackpot. This get rich quick shit does not work I’m sorry. It’s like trying to get your virginity back. It’s not happening. Stop wasting your time and money trying to get rich quick, an take the steady route. There are wayyyy more broke drug dealers then rich ones and that can be applied to what u doing. Hard work pays off, the only shot cut in life is a bald fade, when life give u lemons don’t try to make orange juice. Dreams are nice to have, but u gotta wake up eventually. Have a vision and a plan, not a dream. Pride keeps people broke, push it aside and do what u gotta do to make to happen today.