Motivational Quote of the Day

You can do Anything, but you cant do Everything” -Louchiano

I been in the ZONE lately with these quotes! OK, listen as you may have heard (Cough Cough) I’m not just some ghetto individual with a passion for writing lyrics and recording music. I am a strategic and creative business man who educates himself before venturing off into something or running off at the mouth. Pride gets the best of everybody and in pushing so hard for perfection sometimes I feel as if I am the sole candidate for the job because I fear that people will screw up or not live up to the standards they boast and brag about having (cough cough). I learned the hard way though that you have to trust in people, you have to have a team, and you most certainly cannot do anything all by yourself, ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE, or efficient. So I encourage you to take a step back and separate your emotions from your work, look at what needs to be done and trust that the people who nice enough to help your ass have their hearts and minds in the right place. Let go of your pride and work as a team.

“one snow flake cant do shit, but a bunch of them cause car accidents” (Damn Louchi!!!)

Wreak havoc and start a revolution with your friends and family.