Quote of the Day

Life isn’t complicated, only what you make it to be

Its so easy to get confused these days. Life is simple right? All you need is food, clothing, and shelter to live “happily”, its the extra cold shit in life that just makes it a lil complex. For example, you could drive that Rav 4 (WARNING: Kanye doesn’t approve of this) and be fine. But Its that desire to drive that BMW 745 that really kinda makes it hard to drive that Rav 4. So what do you do? Well if you want that BMW then working part time at Steak and Shake aint really going to cut it. So you need a better job, witch means you either need to find the hook up or go to college. Now you got to get a loan, sit and wait for that debt to show up, Now you got your degree and you gotta pay that loan back, Wait Theres MORE! Nobody is hiring in your field and now your working part time at Burger King cause Steak and Shake is mad that you quit to go to college. Now your in the same rat race as everybody else and you are in too deep to go back. Good luck with that BMW.