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If you live in Chicago and you don’t shop at Leaders, then wtf is wrong with you? Vic Lloyd is one of the leading men behind the Leaders brand. Check out his hat line!

ItsOneTen: Dope blogger, Detroit representer, Entrepreneur on the rise. The marketing man to know. Be prepared to know this man cause he is on top of his game.

Theboyillinois: One fly lyrically inclined artist from the great state of Illinois. When he is not creating verses he is probably creating verses about women. The nice guy who really isn’t that nice anymore, check out his mixtape and live streams, I cosign him.

GoDJewels: Much can be said about the Southside artist GoDJewels. Loyal to his fam/fans, dedicated to his passion, vicious with words, and balanced in his moods. Check out his mixtape, I cosign him as well. Fellow artist to know.

ThaAdvakit: A highly enlightened/educated/opinionated young man who is dedicated to not selling out to appease the brainwashed masses with his music. Somethings gotta bend, and its not going to be him.