Pay it forward – LOU.S.A

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Today a young black man approached me as I got out my car and walked to my crib. He flagged me down to get my attention and I could tell from jump this nigga wanted some money. (You know how that homeless dude tries to get your attention and then walks up kinda fast like he got a long ass story to tell you, then transitions to why he needs some bread?) he hit me when that kinda demo. As he gets closer I just stop. I had a long fucking day (you know them days when you feel like quitting your life, rolling up some kush, finding a bad chick and fucking just cause you know you could and fuck up your life later in the process?) it was a long day dammit. Read more


Im starting a non for profit soon called LOU.S.A. in which Im just trying to make the world a little bit better while I’m here. (Build some youth centers, teach those that want to learn, Create Jobs, Running for Charities etc. stay tooned!) we all have a role to play in the grand scheme of things.