Pay it forward – LOU.S.A

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Today a young black man approached me as I got out my car and walked to my crib. He flagged me down to get my attention and I could tell from jump this nigga wanted some money. (You know how that homeless dude tries to get your attention and then walks up kinda fast like he got a long ass story to tell you, then transitions to why he needs some bread?) he hit me when that kinda demo. As he gets closer I just stop. I had a long fucking day (you know them days when you feel like quitting your life, rolling up some kush, finding a bad chick and fucking just cause you know you could and fuck up your life later in the process?) it was a long day dammit.

Anyway while he was walking he was saying something like (lord please and god this and that) so for some reason it made me stop. The story he tells is that “some dudes jumped him, took his $24 that he needed to catch the greyhound and go to his moms crib out of state, and how he not a gangsta etc”. Fam really did have a black eye so I did feel bad for him.  As he continues his long ass, desperate, I’m bout to ask you for money speech, I just ask him “what you need man?”  I just said fuck it, told  homie to get in the whip, took him the the ATM, gave him $40 and dropped him off at the bus stop.  I did it because I know nobody was going to help this dude out.  Everybody is waiting on a blessing and I just happened to be the dude that was capable of doing it.  I kept telling him that he doesn’t have to pay me back, and to just “pay it forward”, meaning do something random to help the next 3 people you know needs some help.  We all are more fortunate then someone and its a cold ass world, if you can help your neighbor then do that shit.  I might not always believe in God being there for me (even tho apparently everybody keeps fucking telling me I got way more going for me then the average dude my age, and how i should be happy all the time and not so damn hard on my self for the high ass bar that I set) but i do believe in karma and being a giving person even tho I’m far from a saint.

No do not let strangers in your fucking car! don’t go to the ATM with them, they will rob your ass! Don’t say Lou told you to do that dumb shit!

I wasn’t thinking this tho, I saw a dude I think was purposely put in my short life and time to ask me for help and I helped, no biggie.  When i die I’m not going to get cool points to get to heaven like ‘Oh Lou, i see you helped this random dude, all is forgiven, welcome to heaven and we can forget about that breaking the commandments stuff”.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  I just saw a dude in need and if i was him I would pray some random young cat who could help me actually just believed me and help me.

Im still not going to church on sunday tho, sorry. Its so boringggggggg.

Yes I have his moms phone number and Im calling tomorrow to make sure he made it safely. If he was lying to me tho, I am going to find him and beat his ass. No Lie.