Quote of the Day

“Mind your business”

The poor and working class work for money, The rich have money work for them. Assets make money and Liabilities take money, if riches is one of your wishes in your life, then you HAVE to have more Assets then Liabilities. You may not be working at a job that’s your “dream” job, but minding your business means focusing on your real goal even though at the moment you aren’t exactly in the situation you want to be in. Think of McDonalds, you might think that McDonalds main business is flipping patties and supplying you with “McNuggets Loving”, but that’s not all true. McDonalds main business is owning prime real estate and they do this by sitting their franchises on top of that land. What im saying is, Start a company, develop a talent find a way to profit from it, do what ever it takes to own a asset and you will be closer to the real American dream.