Louchiano – LOUXIII – The making of Never Stop Me Now

Here is the behind the scenes of how Louchiano aka LOUXIII (pronounced Louchi the 13th) Produced, recorded, and even edited the video of one of the songs on his new album “The XIII FLOW”. Scheduled to be released on January 13th 2013. Featuring Chicago R & B singer Devin the Gentlemen.  All sounds recorded by hand.

LOUXIII – Green Light Flow

Every week for the next 13th weeks Louchiano will be releasing a song off of his new album entitled “The XIII Flow” the first installment is one of the singles “Green Light Flow”.

The Waiting Game – Draft Track


Working on a personal project series that I will be releasing as the album gets closer to being done. This is one of the tracks I wrote but didn’t really want to release as its not mixed and its ruff around the edges. Its not my best work, not even close to what the album is sounding like, But it did have personal attachment to me. Just a song I did that I couldn’t just simply get rid of.



Lou Knows – Freestyle



With Out Further A due.

Plenty more in the making, most are actual songs instead of just verses, but this is just to knock the dust off. I SWEAR to be more consistent with releases up till the album is finished.

Heres to the Future.


Bitch Im Louis

KKK – Louchiano Feat JGatz

Due to my entire external hard drive crashing I have lost every single studio session I had and was working on. All the new tracks and even the unfinished ones are completely gone.  So The Supply and Demand series is going to have a one week delay so I can bounce back and get stuff done. Sorry for the delay. In the mean time, check out this track featuring the homie JGatz thats on the new Secret Society Mixtape.

KKK – Louchiano Feat JGatz by Louchiano

DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.mediafire.com/?jfls1woxyuab1ao