Obama – Road We’ve Traveled

I was emailed a video from my an associate, in case you didn’t know how much our president has done and why he should get 4 more years in office. Obama 2012 all day. Salute that man. #Vlah

Up Late Recording

Words can’t express

23 points.
9 Rebounds
9 Assists
1 Block
1 Steal
1 Torn Acl.


Banksy – Brandalism

The Waiting Game – Draft Track


Working on a personal project series that I will be releasing as the album gets closer to being done. This is one of the tracks I wrote but didn’t really want to release as its not mixed and its ruff around the edges. Its not my best work, not even close to what the album is sounding like, But it did have personal attachment to me. Just a song I did that I couldn’t just simply get rid of.