Follow Friday

The Rockwell : Super blogger / fitness addict from Chicago ill who is getting his his engineer on. Good Dude.

Laced Out : Atlanta’s photographer to know. Fashion and Sneakers is his lil brother and sister.

The Real Just : The Bay Area 51. Blogger with taste, Just keeps it real. Good people.

Ron Julio : 1 of the coolest folks I met on twitter. He really does it all, well rounded cat with ambitions and wisdom. Funny as Hell too.

Ag The Kid : The most outspoken person on the planet. Ag keeps it real wit yo ass. Blogger + Entertainment + Fuck Eddie Windslow = Ag The karate Kid.

If you not on here, dont trip Im doing this every friday, I already got yalls just aint posted it yet. But these are my folks, if you rock with me, you should rock with them too.


(I got the women up next)