Family Follow Friday

Marcus Smith Photography : The Best Photographer you will ever see, that is if you are lucky enough to meet him. I don’t think I would be the same person if I dint have him around. Guess we gone find out now that he is finna take over Boston, then the world. Check his work out:

Cbarber2: The Friendliest most energetic person I have ever met. If you are graced by her presence then you are sure to have a good day. Code Name: The Bear.

J Gatz: This is my nig from way back, if you listen to rap, then you should give him more then a listen. Maybe some money? Either way, You will hear his name soon enough, Like it or not.

Devers13: David Evers, Son of Jamaica, Brother of 6, Property kingpin, establisher of dominance, evil twin of Idris Elba. Talent: Work Ethic, Rudeness and can sleep though the 2nd coming of Christ.

HiBeems: Americas next top model decided that she would rather help make the world a better place with PR, Non for profit organizations, and event planning. Boss in training and tanning.