Motivational Monday Quote of the Day 3/9/09

“those who try to be rich one day, will be hanged in a year”

Two days ago My dad convinced me to play the lottery for the first time in my life. As u know I have one the wildest imaginations on the planet so I have been secretly fantasizing about the things I could do if I win. Sure it’s cool but it’s one the the most depressing things I have experienced. Once I realized the slim chances of actually winning were so small it pissed me off. Ever since that day I have been seeing the lottery everywhere like it’s the new jordans. I seen homeless people buying lottery tickets with change, and people going hard spending $15 a day trying to hit this jackpot. This get rich quick shit does not work I’m sorry. It’s like trying to get your virginity back. It’s not happening. Stop wasting your time and money trying to get rich quick, an take the steady route. There are wayyyy more broke drug dealers then rich ones and that can be applied to what u doing. Hard work pays off, the only shot cut in life is a bald fade, when life give u lemons don’t try to make orange juice. Dreams are nice to have, but u gotta wake up eventually. Have a vision and a plan, not a dream. Pride keeps people broke, push it aside and do what u gotta do to make to happen today.


Life 101

The 40% rule.

Listen. Only 40% of the people that you encounter are going to like u. That means those 60% that u are to trying so hard to reach or impress ain’t even trying to give u a chance, skip them and concentrate on the 40% that’s got your back. Now out of that 40% half of them like u but they not finna go out of their way to actively engage and or support u. They are more like acquaintances whom u can count on when they got the time or when they feel like it. They could be in the top 20% but it takes time and I mean u can’t have 40 best friends it’s impossible.

What I’m saying is. Find out who your 20% is and make sure u treat them right, they got yo back no matter what.

60% = kiss my ass
40% = shake my hand
20% = gimme a hug

-Louchi Vuitton

Motivational Monday Quote of the Day 2/22/09

“You cant do what they do, until you do what they did” – Robert Johnson

Who do you admire? Who makes you say “I can do that” or “I want something like that”? I look at some of the greats like Jordan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Bruce Lee and sometimes say I want that type of money or iconic status. Really I want the satisfaction in knowing that I am doing what I love and it means something to me as well as to others. The part people forget is that you only see the glitz and glamor. You never really think about the years of hard ass work these people put in to make their dreams possible. The simple fact is that it’s not “romantic” enough. We get inspired by results, not by work ethic. We don’t see Jordan practicing his ass off, we only see that fade-away jumper, we don’t see the sleepless nights and the failures, we only see the Iphone.

What I am saying is, to be better or similar to these accomplished individuals, you gotta do what they did to get where they’re at. And that means getting up on a depressing ass Monday and going to work. It all starts with your commitment to grind, your decision to put in the hours necessary to make it happen. It’s gone be long and its going to make you tired, but its gong to make for a good success story. Think about the bragging you are going to do later when somebody else claims to be better at what you do. You are going to tell they ass that they are not on your level cause they haven’t put in the work yet. Believe Dat.

Do Datttttt

-Muhammad Alouchi (lol)

Motivational Quote of the Day Its long but its good.

“Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude, but nothing can help the person with the wrong one”

Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your future. Everybody has a hater in them somewhere, it can be good thing if it used in moderation and it keeps you motivated and focused. It’s a bad thing if you use it for evil and let it consume your thoughts and u start hating on everything that isn’t nailed down. You might even hate on yourself sometimes and therefore project this feeling of doubt on to others. Either way the more you look at the bright side things the brighter your life is going to be. Next time you think something bad about your self, others, or even a situation, check it at the door. It’s not healthy to hate or even doubt yourself. Believe in your abilities and let the other shit slide. Think about the good things until u feel happy, and being happy is the only thing that matters (at least in my life).

Here is a example

You probably think I can’t beat Lebron James in a 1 on 1, but I’m going think I can until he proves me wrong. Realistically he might win. But psychologically the thought of me dunking on his ass makes me feel wayyyy better then the thought of him destroying me. Yeah it’s a dumb idea but I really don’t need any negative thoughts in my head. The more u become used to thinking about bad outcomes the more u are actually going to fulfill them. Plus I really ain’t gone beat Lebron, if I already think I can’t.

(Jeezy says yeahhhhh, not noooooo. WWJD, what would jeezy do?) funny but true. Just don’t start selling coke, unless u doing it already.


Motivational Quote of the Day

You can do Anything, but you cant do Everything” -Louchiano

I been in the ZONE lately with these quotes! OK, listen as you may have heard (Cough Cough) I’m not just some ghetto individual with a passion for writing lyrics and recording music. I am a strategic and creative business man who educates himself before venturing off into something or running off at the mouth. Pride gets the best of everybody and in pushing so hard for perfection sometimes I feel as if I am the sole candidate for the job because I fear that people will screw up or not live up to the standards they boast and brag about having (cough cough). I learned the hard way though that you have to trust in people, you have to have a team, and you most certainly cannot do anything all by yourself, ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE, or efficient. So I encourage you to take a step back and separate your emotions from your work, look at what needs to be done and trust that the people who nice enough to help your ass have their hearts and minds in the right place. Let go of your pride and work as a team.

“one snow flake cant do shit, but a bunch of them cause car accidents” (Damn Louchi!!!)

Wreak havoc and start a revolution with your friends and family.


Motivational Quote of the Day

“A kick in the ass is still a move forward” – Louchiano.

I thought this up today while riding the train to the north side of Chicago. I cannot stress how important it is to look at your mistakes and failures and realize that in making those mistakes you grew up just a little bit. Sometimes you also need somebody to kick you in the behind to make sure you’re not stopping to smell the roses for too long. All in all, try to look at something that’s not right in your life or something that may have been beating you up recently and realize how it is building your character. Life is what you make it, now kick yourself in the ass and move forward!!