Its hard to just write about my life, what it means, who I am, what I do because no matter what I say you’re going to make your own idea of who I am and my work.  So Ill just say a couple things.

I was born October 4th (Libra) and raised on the south side of Chicago, I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 3 mothers and 1 father (I am the middle child). I have lived in every type of class environment except for the wealthy, meaning from broke as hell to “oh shit I can afford that?” (we advancing tho).  I was a fat kid growing up, its not that I wanted to be fat I just ain’t care about my appearance until I was in high school, then I dedicated myself to loose weight and started running, playing basketball, tennis, football, soccer etc.  As a child I always loved drawing, dancing, singing horribly and obsessively playing video games.  I went outside and got in trouble like everybody else but I learned how to be slick at a early age and never got in big trouble (that’s a sad but true fact and i am some what ashamed of some things I used to do). My step moms (I don’t like calling her that) instilled in me to be intelligent, she kept me reading books, solving problems, flexing my mental muscles which turned me into a thinking man always playing chess with life.  My dad thought me to be about business and to be cool headed.  My biological mother is my heart and a sensitive subject for me to talk about but I love her and my step mom equally as they both gave me a strong moral compass.  When you mix that with the environment that I was raised in you get a low-key shy creative well rounded genius street n**** that needs to laugh every now and then to relax.
I just like working hard and trying to make all the stuff in my head come to fruition.  I started pursuing music professionally because when god gives you a passion and a talent you make it happen no mater the cost.  I get writers block often because I over think and care too much about the words I choose because I don’t want the listener to be unimpressed or unmoved.  A lot of times I have to many ideas and have a hard time picking one.  I make music of substance, emotion, wit and whatever else I can use to make it the best song possible (if I don’t think its my best then I don’t put it out). I do the designing, some production, the recording, the marketing and the execution.  Its not that I am a crazy control freak, its just hard depending on people that don’t take you serious or let you down so I do what it takes even if it means starving, staying up late and going crazy.
I have huge plans for my life and battle with everything everybody else does, this is just my journey to where ever my will power takes me. Thanks for listening.
Things Im good at
•    Writing/Recording/Producing
•    Digital Designing/Web/Drawing
•    Strategy/Analyzing/Planning
•    Idea Development
•    Motivating/Helping/Solving other peoples problems
•    Being cheap – Financial Wizardry
•    Clowning
Things I currently suck at, but am working on
•    Waking up early in the morning, and being excited about it.
•    Picking only one thing to do or say
•    Communication: at times I get too damn busy
•    Spelling
•    Thinking to much – over analyzing
•    Starting projects and not finishing

Been drawing since I was old enough to be bored in school

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